Current System Status

Mail Delivery Problems

16:06 09/06/2018

We are aware that users of our shared mail platform have encountered problems over the past months sending to the following providers:

- Microsoft (Hotmail & Office 365)
- Yahoo
- BT

This is down to the sheer size of our mail platform and large quantities of mail we send to these various providers. We have been working over the past few months on improving the reputation of our platform by introducing new filtering technologies to help stop the emails which can cause negative marks left on our systems.

While this situation has improved, we are aware that from time to time users will see bouncebacks from the above providers. Our advice for these cases would be:

Add an SPF record:
If you're using our servers alone, the following SPF record can be added to your domain names DNS configuration as TXT record:

v=spf1 exists:%{i} exists:%{i} -all

Use an alternate mail server:
We have a lot of different mail servers, all with different IP's. If one mail server can't send your email to a certain provider, try sending it via another. Our support teams can help identify a suitable server for you.

Alternatively, we have a webmail interface which uses a more sophisticated filtering system.

Connectivity issues on Mail 124

14:41 09/10/2018

Update: 13:40 2018-10-14

We have seen improved performance and no further issues relating to this mail server, we will continue to monitor this for the next 24 hours.

Update: 23:30 2018-10-12
We're seeing improved performance on this server following works carried out today to move some mailboxes to other servers.

We're going to continue to monitor the server and will provide further updates tomorrow.

Update: 14:26 2018-10-12

The mail server is still under high load, resulting in limited and unreliable mail connections.

We are trying to increase available connections whilst also balancing this increase against the load increasing further. This balancing is only a short term solution, our System Administrators are looking at a way to reduce the load and allow all connections to be made correctly to the mail server.

The current plan to resolve this is to move specifically selected domain's mailboxes off the mail server and then on to another mail server which should reduce the load dramatically. These domains have been selected as they are the largest legitimate consumers of resources on the server and limiting the total number of domains moved makes the process as fast and efficient as possible.

These migrations have been completing steadily and we expect the last ones that will be required to be finished by the end of the day today, though performance has already been improving once the migrations have finished this will free up even more resources in itself and we are confident that should resolve the issue almost completely and further impact should be minimal if it's present at all. Our System Administrators have already taken action identifying and disabling any services that can be currently considered extraneous.

Update: 09:28 2018-10-12
We are still monitoring the connectivity of mail124, and are in the process of implementing a resolution. We will provide further updates when we have this available.

Update: 23:45 2018-10-11
At this moment in time we are continuing the monitor the changes which have been made over the last 24 hours which have allowed some additional connectivity to mail124. We understand that some users will still experience difficulties in connecting and we will look into further ways of improving this as soon as possible.

Update: 15:30 2018-10-11
Further changes are still being carried out which will resolve the underlying problem and return a greater level of stability to this server. We hope you continue to be patient with us.

Update: 11:40 2018-10-11
We have made an alteration this morning which should help with the connection problems, there will still be a reduction in the stability at the moment, however we are working on a solution to this problem and intend to get this done as soon as possible.

We will keep this status page updated with the latest. Again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Update: 08:30 2018-10-11
We are still looking into this and hope to have more information shortly.

Update: 22:45 2018-10-10
We are continuing to work on improving services on mail124, in the mean time those with mailboxes on this server may experience difficulties accessing their emails. We hope to have this sorted as soon as possible.

Update: 17:10 2018-10-10
We are continuing to monitor mail124 whilst our teams work to improve stability for those users who are still experiencing problems.

Update: 14:57 2018-10-10
Mail flow has returned to an acceptable level and the mail server is performing better, some users may notice intermittent problems as we further make changes to help mitigate and resolve this problem.

Identified: 09:15 2018-10-10
We are currently seeing a partial loss of external connectivity to this server, this is currently being investigated and we expect to have this back to normal operation as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Planned System Maintenance

There is currently no planned maintenance.